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10 Insider Tips to Travel Whistler

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Whistler is one of the top ski destinations in the world. It was ranked 3rd best ski destination by snowmagazine in 2018. So grab your gear (or rent some) and head up to Whistler, BC Canada. With some basic information and an eagerness to enjoy you will have a great vacation ahead.

Whether you plan to go with your family, friends or colleagues your trip to Whistler will be one of the best memories you will have. However, if you don’t do enough research it may cost you more

financially, or you will be sorry and miss out on amazing scenic spots! Here’s a quick run down of 10 “insider tips” to read before you go to Whistler....

1. Best Time to Go

Snow starts falling in late November or early December (usually right after American Thanksgiving holiday). Ski time is best December to February. Hotels and different lodging will fill up QUICK around Christmas and New Year’s time, so be sure to reserve ahead and plan for longer than usual lines at ski lifts.

2. What To Prepare

Always remember not to wear cotton when skiing. This will leave you cold and frustrated during the day. Bring thin, warm and long socks made of wool, a synthetic fibre second layer, a Fleece and a jacket with zipper to easily undo. A waterproof jacket with many pockets and water proof snow pants are a must. Never wear jeans. Waterproof gloves are a way to protect your hands from frostbite. Don't forget to wear your Snow Goggles, skiing without these wont be fun! A good

fitting Helmet will protect you in case you take a fall, because skiing isn’t a risk free sport! Also you can add to your packing list your favorite beanie, sunscreen, and neck warmer. A backpack also is an option if you want to carry things around, add more layers or take off any.

3. Buy Lift Tickets in Advance

Buy your tickets in advance! When you purchase tickets 14 days in advance, these tickets will be mailed to you and this will save you money. You can get a $100 CAD per day ticket at compared to one-day ticket available for C$140-150. Also. If you are a resident of British Columbia or Washington- look up edge cards. Usually, these are sold at the beginning of the season (even before the season starts), and they are sold at a considerably reduced price that you can use on 2 day, 5 day or 10 day pass.

4. Ski For FREE

If you have children age 0-6, they can ski for free.

5. Choose Backcountry

If you are professional and ready for adventure. Whistler has some amazing Backcountry Skiing/Riding from $269 per person. Backcountry Ski Touring from $269 per person and Private Backcountry Skiing/Riding price is from $849 per person.

6. Ski Off Peak

Why? Because this is the time of year usually has cheaper deals for lodging and skiing. End of season is around late March to early May.

7. Book a Rental House not a Room

Book a ski in and out location home.... A place where you can relax and recharge, enjoy a large meal all together or sit by a fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa. A home is generally cheaper than a small hotel room during peak season. Check out this listing exclusive from Nestaide Management: 3BR Renovated Home with SPA TUB & FREE PARKING!

8. Eat at Whistlers Best Restaurants

There are plenty to choose from. We like Araxi, 21 STEPS KITCHEN +BAR, Sidecut, Bearfoot Bistro, Christine's on Balckcomb, Basalt Wineand Salumeria, Legs Diamond and many more.

9. A Spa of Whistler

Never leave Whistler without trying the Scandinave Spa. It is comprised of a collection of Nordic pools, saunas, sun rooms, relaxation lounges and eucalyptus scents. No reservations required and open daily from 10am - 9pm. Bath access for $79. Splurge and have a massage! Make sure to budget at least 3 hours of time for this activity to really enjoy the spa.

10. Know Where to Park

Whistler is a popular destination and many people make the beautiful drive from Vancouver to Whistler along the sea to sky HWY. This is a spectacular road trip, but this also means more parked cars in Whistler! Parking is not only sparse in Whistler, but it is also expensive. This can be one of the concerns of visitors in Whistler. You can check HERE of the map where you can easily park your cars. If you want a cheaper option, You can click "P" as park areas and see their per hour charge. Varies from $1 per hour to $5. A little insider secret is to park at The Whistler Conference Center. For 24 hours you will only pay for $15, compared to $20-25/day elsewhere.

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